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DSI Wins Data and Insights Innovation IMPACT Award

Sunday, July 10, 2016 DSI attended the Canadian Keynote & Awards event at the Roy Thompson Hall in Toronto, as Microsoft kicked-off the World Partner Conference (WPC). DSI were finalist in two categories (Data and Insights Innovation Award and the Enterprise Cloud Packaged Solution Award) for the Microsoft IMPACT 2016 Awards and walked away with the Data and Insights Innovation Award for a cutting edge solution they designed for a top ad agency.


"The Data and Insights Innovation Award was won by Dimensional Strategies, with Jason Brommet (Director, Partner Strategy & Channel Chief, Microsoft Canada) stating that' 'everyone needs to be in this space'." Mark Cox,


This is DSI's first win although they have been finalists before.  “We are so proud of this accomplishment.  We have been working really hard and all of this would not have been possible without the dedication, innovation and expertise of our team. We are looking forward to the future and creating even better solutions!” said Evan Ross Principal, DSI.

The Winning Solution

DSI won the Data and Insights Innovation Award by designing a robust solution for a top ad agency.  The solution uses unstructured and streaming data to understand market sentiment and predict future buying patterns using Microsoft’s Azure, Power BI, Azure Data Factory, .NET and SQL Server. In an effort to create better advertising campaigns DSI's client noticed that there was a lot of useful information that could help them run better marketing campaigns on the internet, locked in various silos, or available for purchase from industry databases.


Information such as:

  • “Likes”, “Comments” and “Shares” on Facebook pages
  • YouTube viral videos from competitors
  • Spikes and dips in industry data


DSI combined powerful MSFT technologies to create a highly customizable, flexible and high performance dashboard solution that combined their measurement tools and multiple databases into a single easy to use platform. They automated a majority of the sources and pulled them into an unstructured repository using Azure Data Factory and designed a set of intake rules around APIs and then used Power BI to build a powerful data visualization layer to present the dashboard. This highly interactive tool is delivering amazing market intelligence and ensures DSI's client keeps their fingers on the pulse of just about everything in their industry.


One of the new metrics available with this solution is product sentiments. That is the “sentiment” that specific products or campaigns evoke from the population. DSI's client is able to understand how buyers are reacting emotionally by utilizing the activity across multiple social platforms. Validation and verification is established by marrying sentiment with industry sales.


For DSI's client this solution means they can better spend their clients advertising money in a more effective manner by directing their spending to the right media platforms. The savings DSI's client are now seeing relates to increased productivity because of tool automation and share ability. They are able to look at past activities as well as at competitor campaigns and understand the outcome before they invest. 


DSI really pushed Microsoft to the max with the development of this solution, they reply on an extended Azure subscription and all of the Master Data Management capabilities for matching and cleansing. 


DSI's client now plans to resell this tool to their clients. 

What's Next? 

Winning this award is just one small example of DSI's capabilities. And as Jeremy Fitzgerald, Principal of DSI explains, "winning this award is a testament to the successful partnership between Microsoft, DSI and our customer ".

 Having been in the industry since 1998, DSI is the go-to data experts in the data analytics and business intelligence space in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They will continue to innovate and create compelling solutions that enable their clients to leverage technology to gain the competitive advantages they seek. 


Interested in learning more about how DSI can create a game-changing solution for your organization?


Get in touch: and make sure to follow them on Twitter: @DSIDataExperts.

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