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Fall Newsletter


We hope this newsletter finds you well. We just wanted to update you on a few things we have been working on.


Advanced Analytics Using R Video Series

Our “Advanced Analytics Using R” is a 6-part video series designed by our Data Science team to help you learn how to create an advanced analytics solution. Each week, you will receive a new video, delivered straight to your inbox.



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NEW Service Offering


We specialize in platform maturity, and, while working with our clients, we noticed a common issue—many clients don’t have a dedicated resource for managing their SQL Server environment, especially if they are using another platform. This can cause issues such as security breaches, lost data, corrupt data and expensive repairs. Most often, we are brought in after issues arise, and we have found many of these problems to be preventable. But we also understand that our clients don’t have the budget to pay a full-time senior DBA just to manage their SQL environment (90-120k+ annually is the current average salary for these types of resources). Our DBA Services goal is not to be another vendor but to be an extension of your IT team.


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Are you evaluating the Azure Data Lake?


Like other data lake solutions, the Azure Data Lake leverages the scale and convenience of the cloud and runs in a platform-as-a-service model. By combining two services – Azure Data Lake Store and Azure Data Lake Analytics – for data storage and data analytics, this cloud-based platform delivers a highly elastic and available solution with low start-up costs, easy configuration and no hardware purchase required.



Check out these blogs:

Download of Azure Data Lake Infographic


We love sharing our knowledge! Check out some of our upcoming events:



Learn Power BI for free from our experts:



“Predict What Your Customers Will Buy Using Azure Machine Learning Studio” presented by our Data Science Team:



Modern Analytics – we are creating an invite-only exclusive event around modern analytics. This event will showcase new technologies that solve real-world business challenges. Stay tuned!



Predictive Analytics Tools for Social Media – this exciting event with showcase a solution we developed to help you leverage your social media to understand your customers better. Invites coming soon!



Modern Data Platform – another invite-only exclusive event centred on improving your business performance with a modern platform. This is do-not-miss!



”Sell More 6-Packs Using Data Insights” Webinar – this 1-hour special will focus on our Bottlitix solution designed for the Canadian alcoholic beverage industry. Sign up here.


That’s it for now! Thanks so much for reading. If you have questions about anything in this newsletter, please reach out to me directly:



Until next time.



Amanda Zakoor

Marketing, DSI


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