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Introducing, errr… Re-Introducing Power BI Embedded



Power BI Embedded has been in and out of the market. This week, Microsoft announced it was relaunching Power BI Embedded, and I want to share some thoughts about it.



Originally, Microsoft had a service called Power BI Embedded, which was a usage-based product in which you could create reports and embed them in your own application, and then pay based on renders. Essentially, each time someone viewed a report, a small fee went to Microsoft. What they discovered was that the platform they built it on just wasn't robust, and it didn't support the full feature set that Power BI did.



Microsoft re-thought the offering and came out with Power BI Premium. Power BI Premium is an Office 365 service where you commit to a certain number of CPUs for a one-year period. It didn't really have a lot of flexibility or a lot of scaling but you could use it to embed Power BI content within your application. They released three SKUs for this, from an EM-1 to an EM-3, that gave you one, two or four CPUs of power.



After that was released in the spring, Microsoft once again concluded that it really wasn't quite the right mix, so they went back to the drawing board. Today, they came back with a relaunch of Power BI Embedded that is now an Azure usage-based service that you can scale up or down as you need. You can get as little as one core or you can go up to as many as 32 cores, and you can scale it up and down on a time schedule. So, for example, you can have it high at 9 in the morning and scale it back at 11 at night and then scale it up at month-end and scale it back down again when needed. This can really help to control your costs, but you still get the full advantage of the Power BI platform for deployed reports.



It's an authoring environment with all the advantages of staying within your own application. The end user doesn't even know that they're using Power BI. All they know is that your application or the software that you're selling to your end customers now has a great reporting facility that it didn't have before, which significantly enhances the quality and value-add for your customers.



We’re happy about the relaunch and think it’s a great feature for a great tool. Are you looking to learn more about Power BI? We provide a wide range of Power BI services including training, installation, configuration and licensing help. Send me an email, and I’d be happy to help:


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