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Introducing our Advanced Analytics Using R 6-Part Video Series!


    We are excited about this announcement! Today we are launching our Advanced Analytics Using R 6-Part Video Series. DSI has been developing custom advanced analytic solutions using Data Science and Business Intelligence for our clients for years and we wanted to share some of our knowledge, so these videos were designed by our Data Science team with you in mind. We really wanted to create something you could learn from.


    This series of videos is for anyone that is interested in:

        • Microsoft R
        • Coding in R
        • Data Exploration with Power BI
        • Integrating R with SQL 2016
        • Performing real-time prediction
      10 Minutes a Week = Learning How to Create a Complete Advanced Analytics Solution

      We created this video series to build upon each other; in each video you will learn something that will help you in the next video. Some of it you may already know and some might be new information to you. But just 10 minutes a week is all it will take for you to learn how to create a complete advanced analytics solution. We encourage you to ask questions and we’ve lined up our experts to be able to answer those questions for you.
      A Little Bit About R and SQL Server 2016

      R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing. The R language is widely used among statisticians and data miners for developing statistical software and data analysis. The source code for the R software environment is written primarily in C, Fortan and R. R has a command line interface and there are several graphical front-ends available (source: 
      If you are using SQL Server 2016, you have R built into the database already and it provides a platform for developing and deploying intelligent applications that uncover new insights.


      Through SQL Server setup, you can install both server and client components including:


      R Services (In-Database): Install this feature during SQL Server setup to enable secure execution of R scripts on the SQL Server computer.


      When you select this feature, extensions are installed in the database engine to support execution of R scripts and a new service is created, the SQL Server Trusted Launchpad, to manage communications between the R runtime and the SQL Server instance.


      Microsoft R Server (Standalone): A distribution of open source R combined with proprietary packages that support parallel processing and other performance improvements. Both R Services (In-Database) and Microsoft R Server (Standalone) include the base R runtime and packages, plus the ScaleR libraries for enhanced connectivity and performance.


      Microsoft R Client is available as a separate, free installer. You can use Microsoft R Client to develop solutions that can be deployed to R Services running on SQL Server, or to Microsoft R Server running on Windows, Teradata, or Hadoop. (source:


      Join in on the Learning!


      Did any of the above information pique your interest? Are you interested in learning how to create a complete advanced analytics solution? Click this link, fill in a few fields of information, and you are ready to start learning. Check our blog for more in-depth blogs about R and Power BI coming in the next few weeks.



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