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Keep Up to Date with DSI - June Newsletter


We hope you enjoyed last month’s newsletter. Every month we will add these newsletters to our blog in hopes of providing a place where you can find relevant, valuable information.


The Azure Data Lake

This month we launch a campaign around Big Data solutions, including the Azure Data Lake. What we noticed is that many of our clients were coming to us to tell us they needed a Data Lake, but weren’t sure why. We decided to become part of helping our customers understand what a Data Lake is and if it’s right for their business.


We created this handy Data Lake Infographic to help our customers understand the full picture. Download your free copy here.


One of our experts is also blogging this month exclusively about Data Lakes - check out his blogs here.


The full cycle of learning wouldn’t be complete without an in-person event. A Discussion About Big Data Solutions with DSI and Microsoft has been designed by our experts to help you understand Big Data solutions and if they make sense for your business needs. Reserve your spot today, as there aren’t many left.

If you have questions about Big Data solutions at any time, reach out (; I’d love to connect you with one of experts.

Power BI Premium

As you may have heard, Microsoft recently released some significant changes to Power BI.


Power BI Premium– The change in the licensing model will allow organizations to extend Power BI to a wider audience within their organizations without the named licensing restrictions. This model is well suited for larger organizations and enterprise clients.


Power BI Premium also improves scalability and performance. Companies can apply their dedicated capacity broadly, or allocate it to assigned workspaces based on the number of users, workload needs or other factors—and scale up or down as requirements change. They even have a calculator to help with capacity planning.



Keep up to date with the Power BI changes by watching some of their webinars, found here.


SQL Server 2017

As you already may know, SQL 2017 is being released shortly. But what’s all the hype about?


Read the blog to find out about the new features and what people are saying.

Upcoming DSI Events

We love to share our knowledge! Come out to one our events and learn about Power BI and the Azure Data Lake. We can’t wait to see you there!



Business Analytics Immersion Experience – a ½-day workshop designed to help you learn the tool. Sign up for the June 15 session ; space is limited.


A Discussion About Big Data Solutions with DSI & Microsoft – a morning session where our experts will give you the rundown on the hottest Big Data solutions. You don’t want to miss this - sign up before it’s too late.


 A Minute with Microsoft

Are you attending this year’s biggest Microsoft event? It’s a chance to learn, meet new people and other Microsoft partners, and a time to see the sights in Washington DC! Get you tickets here . It’s an event not to be missed.


If you are a Microsoft Partner, are you a member if the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners? It’s an amazing community where Microsoft partners can learn the ecosystem, network with like-minded professionals, and receive exclusive information. Memberships can be bought individually or corporately. Sign up today!

The Wrap Up

That’s it for now; thanks for your time. Make sure you follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to get the most recent updates. And stay tuned for next month’s newsletter!

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