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Keep Up to Date with DSI - May Newsletter



We wanted to share a few things we have been working on.

Everyone month you can expect to get a newsletter from us filled with the most current information related to data, technologies and trends—and tons of free resources. We love sharing our knowledge.


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Are you keeping current with the biggest data trends? Do you know how they will affect your business? Download our free eBook and find out more.

Power BI

Are you using Power BI? Are you getting the results you want? WE love Power BI and love to share our knowledge, experience, and expertise. We offer Power BI training for all levels including advanced users. We will even implement, configure and sort out all you licensing.


Whatever your Power BI needs, think of us as your go-to-experts!

Learn more about our Power BI Training

Watch our free webinar on Power BI

Sign up for our free Power BI Workshop at the Microsoft Technology Centre

Upcoming Events

Come out to one our events, be prepared to learn something from our experts and have some fun. Below is a list of links for our upcoming events, sign up soon space is limited and won't last long. We can't wait to see you!


SQL Server Workshop - April 18, 2017

Business Analytics Immersion Experience – April 20, 2017

Shoot for the Cloud - April 20, 2017


That's it for now; thanks for your time. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter.


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