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The Biggest Data Trends and Why You Need to Know About Them


Growing up, I never had a cell phone, and the Internet was just a cool thing I used to dial into with our home phone (cue awful dial-up sound). I remember using AOL and ICQ and talking to random strangers in chat rooms. But I’ll never forget that time my parents bought me my first flip phone and I screamed at the top of my lungs with excitement. I could call people from anywhere, take really small pictures, send text messages by clicking the key pad a thousand times to get the letter A, and buy cool ring tones.


Fast-forward 15 years. Now I do everything on my “smartphone” - it’s my alarm, GPS, music, picture and video taker, social media, weather forecast, workout tracker, banking, list maker… oh, and I also use it to call people and send lengthy, in-depth messages filled with emojis. And it all happened so quickly.


What I’ve learned is that change is constant, and technology is no different. Staying current with technology is a necessity in today’s world.


At DSI we love technology. Having been in this business since 1998, we have continued to provide our clients with superior service and even better solutions. We are the best at what we do because we love it, we stay current, we educate ourselves and we share our knowledge.


We have identified some of the biggest trends in data which we believe are significant driving factors in improving businesses in almost every vertical. We know not all of them are pertinent to everyone and every vertical, but we think knowing about them is important – so much so that we wrote a short eBook about them, and we want to share it with you! This eBook offers a high-level overview of some of the biggest data trends happening right now, and highlights how they can help your business.


Writing this eBook allowed me to explore a lot of new topics that I didn’t understand before. Below is a preview of the topics you will find in the eBook:


The Internet of Things – IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a practice you will start to see a lot of, and for good reason. It’s allowing us to gather data from everything with power sensors. Read about how farmers in Germany are using it to help their cows.


Big Data Made Easy

We seem to have accumulated so much data that our tools and technologies are unable to process it, never mind analyze it. That is, until recently. Read about the powerful technologies that are allowing us to dive deep into untapped data sources.


Data Lakes and Open Data

All this data means a lot of storage, but do you have enough? How do you know? Are you using a data lake or a data warehouse? And are you taking advantage of open data? Read about it in our eBook.


Predictive Analytics

Predicting the future is something humans have been trying to do for centuries. From the mystical to religion, there has always been a fascination with knowing the future. Today we live in a world where it is possible to predict the future. Predicative analytics is bringing this fantasy to reality.


Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

These are two areas in IT that are revolutionizing just how far technology can go. Our machines are learning and making decisions. But what does that mean for your business?

The Wrap-Up

We created this eBook to be easy to digest, and filled it with real life examples. Download your free copy today.


Questions? I’d love to hear from you. Send me a message Until next time!



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