Industry – Financials

Customer Situation –

With over 70 years of industry experience in the insurance and financial sector, our client decided it was time to move to an analytics solution that would provide them with greater scalability, more predictable response times, and enhanced extensibility they needed to grow in the future.

With computing power highly utilized in the on-premises Netezza appliance leading to unpredictable response times, and with available storage space rapidly being consumed rather than continuing to invest in the legacy on-premises appliance, DSI enabled the migration from the existing on-premises Netezza implementation to Azure Synapse SQL Analytics by leveraging our technical expertise and delivery methodology.

Our practices are designed to deliver business value, taking into consideration the technical and business attributes of a given environment. We use Agile practices developing and delivering incrementally and iteratively with the emphasis on continuous analysis, monitoring, and improvements throughout the project phases, as well as Waterfall and Hybrid methodologies with heavy up-front planning and design before we kick off the project execution.

Technical Solution

  • Azure Synapse Analytics dedicated SQL pool.
  • Attunity Data Replication.
  • Created a process that allows our client to spin up new Azure Synapse environments and populate them.
  • Automated regression testing strategies, to ensure that any ETL process is correctly migrated.
  • Configuration of any operational support objects, to support Azure Synapse and DevOps.
  • Migration of all objects, data, and workloads from Netezza to Azure Synapse.
  • Migration of all stored procedures from Netezza to Azure Synapse and testing against results in Netezza.
  • Assistance and support with production and non-production environment deployment from scripts, the connection of CDC, Informatica, Java to staging tables, and connection of SAS, MicroStrategy, and Denodo to the Azure Synapse Instances.


  • Provided our client with a refined project plan, together with the setup & configuration of any agile development management tool required.
  • Replaced an aging Netezza storage appliance with Azure Synapse SQL Analytics (Azure Synapse).
  • Migrated and transformed the Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) stored procedures from Netezza SQL to the Distributed SQL supported by Azure Synapse.
  • Supported end-user migration of Netezza SQL.
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