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Customer Situation – On -premises SQL Server 2012 analytics infrastructure was due for an upgrade of both software and hardware to ensure continued vendor support and ensure business continuity.

Technical Solution

  • Replicated hardware infrastructure on Azure IaaS.
  • Upgraded databases from SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2019.
  • Provisioned Azure Synapse Analytics as the destination of all existing workloads to enable a phased transfer of capability.

Products and Services

  • SQL Server 2019
  • Azure SQL Server VMs
  • Azure Synapse Analytics


  • Ability to provide business users with improved query performance versus on-premises infrastructure.
  • Ability to onboard new IoT-related workloads that were not possible on existing aging infrastructure.
  • Freed up IT resources by shifting the onus of business continuity to the Cloud provider.
  • Enabled the analytics team to gradually move new and existing workloads to a PaaS platform so they could support the new environment organically.
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