Whether you are a code-savvy developer, or a junior analyst interested in AI, this Data Science session is geared to teach you everything you need to know to begin adopting AI into your workflow. The session will begin with an introduction into the current state of AI in 2020 followed by a run-down of the basic principles & best practices for machine learning, and ending with a hands-on exercise on model development, training & validation.

Intended Audience

Stakeholders of varying technical backgrounds. Beginners are welcome.


4.5 Hours


A computer with minimum 2-cores and 4GB RAM running Windows 7 or later.

Course Outline

  • Introduction into current state-of-the-art AI capabilities
  • Review of basic principles required to develop supervised model applications
  • Guided workshop of best practices for data prep, model selection, validation & optimization
  • Breakdown of AI application deployment options on Azure

Event Fee


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